Penguins shoot and miss again: Shane Doan

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After a summer of speculation, it looks like Shane Doan will sign with the Phoenix Coyotes; another star ultimately deciding Pittsburgh is not the place for them.  

It’s becoming a common theme and one that really has to make you wonder.   Although in the case of Doan, it was obvious he always wanted to stay in the desert, just now their ownership situation appears to be getting close.

There is really no one left at this point that gives the team what they are looking for on Sid’s wing.   So, Tyler Kennedy is looking more and more like a real option as a scoring winger for the Pittsburgh Penguins.   Get’s you excited, doesn’t it?   Not even a little.   I love the moves that Ray Shero has made and tried to make but there could be a problem that is keeping this Penguin team from attracting more talent.

I am not going to say that Crosby and Malkin are a detriment when attracting players to come and play.   But I don’t think their star power helps attract big name players.   Young players have no trouble coming in and melding with this group, but veterans like Doan or Parise do not want to come and be overshadowed, or be called simply another “piece” of the puzzle.

Moral of the story is this–it will be one more year of Crosby not having a winger with star talent.

They do have answers within the organization, though I do not think they are answers that make this team a Cup Favorite.   Certainly any team with Crosby and Malkin are a contender, but I do not think this team has added enough to win a Cup next season.   The Penguins new third line center Brandon Suter is a really good player and could end up being a great replacement for Jordan Staal.   But there’s no doubt the loss of Staal will hurt on both ends of the ice.

Ultimately, as currently constructed, this team is destined to exit the playoffs earlier than they will want to.

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