What’s next for the Buffalo Sabres?

buffalo sabres trade rumors

As the NHL season begins to near, the Buffalo Sabres still have some questions to answer, the biggest of such is what will the Sabres do to boost scoring?

While many fans see the Derek Roy trade as a good thing, the problem is that he brought the team offense and created scoring opportunities. While Steve Ott is able to do some of the same, he does not possess that same scoring touch.

While signing Alexander Semin and Zach Parise was going to be tough, the Sabres still have the opportunity to trade for offensive players using their current stock of defensemen.

One of the players mentioned time and time again by Sabres fans is Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks. Most analysts feel that the Philadelphia Flyers are the inside team to land Ryan, but a recent injury to Andrej Meszaros’ Achilles tendon leaves the Flyers short on defense and needing to fill the gap.

If the Flyers need to use their talent pool to find their next defenseman, it would leave teams like the Sabres as possible front-runners for Ryan.

If the Sabres wanted to use the remaining free agents to fill the gaps, it will be hard moving forward.

Until Shane Doan signs with a team, there is an apparent log jam in free agency. While most feel he should sign to move the rest of the league on, there is still the collective bargaining agreement which may be holding general managers up.

While the new CBA is being worked on, the previous deal may expire without a new agreement, which may result in a lockout, as Gary Bettman stated earlier this week.

Until Doan and the league sign their respective deals, the Sabres will likely be playing the waiting game. If they wait too long, the team may be relying on a core that probably won’t be able to produce to the extent fans are hoping for.


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