If cap is lowered who does Shero move?


After the 2011-2012 season many teams were given permission to spend up to the salary cap (which was thought to be near $71 million) for the upcoming season. Even Shero appeared to have had the green light if it meant signing coveted forward Zach Parise or the heavily sought after d-man Ryan Suter.

Now for those of you who haven’t been following the current CBA negotiations (if you want to call it negotiations.) than you may not be aware that the owners proposed that the salary cap be lowered for this upcoming season to $58 million. The likely hood that it drops that much is pretty slim, yet I would not say impossible.

According to capgeek.com the Penguins are sitting at about $62 million currently, which means if the cap is lowered below that $62 million, than they will need to drop via trade, buyout or move players to the minors to be compliant.

Looking at the roster , it is pretty obvious which players we would not see moved, but out of the players that could be moved, who should be? First and foremost I feel Tyler Kennedy should be numero uno on that list, his cap hit of $2 million is more than he is worth,  last season he only scored 11 goals and 33 points dropping from 22 goals and 45 points, you can make the debate that he played 20 less games than the season before, but isn’t it about time we open up his roster spot to some of the young guys.

Steve MacIntyre will be a minor league player through most of the season as he was last year, his $625,000 cap hit will not affect the team while playing for the Baby Pens.

Ben Lovejoy who was the weakest defensman last season (IMO) will have to prove himself this years camp, and its possible that he may get as few as seven days to do that if there is a shortened camp. His $525,000 could round out what needs dropped if the cap goes down to $58 million.

Again there is a good chance that the cap not be dropped at all, it all depends of course on the new CBA and what the two sides agree upon. What do you think though, who would be the first to go if you had the job of shortening the roster to fit the cap?

Robert Slavinsky

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