Ted Lindsay: ‘Don’t go bad-mouthing Bettman’

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The NHL lockout is very frustrating for the league, the players, and the fans. Most of the fans and players love to blame NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, with the fans sometimes directing expletives toward Bettman. ┬áThe actions of the fans and players have rubbed former Detroit Red wing and Hall-of-Famer Ted Lindsay the wrong way. In an interview with ESPN’s James Murphy, Lindsay said that the players need to be more respectful of their comments.

“One thing that really has bothered me when I’m reading the paper on all of this is the way they’re talking about ‘that idiot Bettman’, or any of the other stupid adjectives they’ve used to describe him,” said Lindsay. “They and the fans and the media need to realize that Bettman is doing his job and fulfilling his responsibility to the owners, just like (NHLPA executive director) Don (Fehr) is to the players. The players need to respect and understand that. Don’t go bad-mouthing Bettman like that.”

Lindsay has called out both the NHL and NHLPA to reach an agreement, and for the players to think about their fans.

“We love our game,” Lindsay said. “We’re all basically small-towners across Canada, across the United States and, now, across Europe as well. We want the best for our game, for the players and for the owners but most of all for the game, and we want that game back on the ice. You know what, really at this point it doesn’t matter whether it’s players or owners or who knows who is right and wrong. The damage they’re both doing to hockey right now bothers me so much.”

Lindsay did not specify any certain players who had bad-mouthed Bettman, but it would be safe to assume he was referring to Red Wings defenseman Ian White calling Bettman an idiot.

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