Fantasy Update: Ales Hemsky’s value

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For the last few seasons Ales Hemsky of the Edmonton Oilers has carried little to no weight in fantasy hockey. I’m here to tell you today, I think that is all going to change for the 48-game schedule that will be the 2013 fantasy hockey season.Last year, Hemsky sat on the free-agent list in most fantasy formats with a disappointing 36 points in 69 games. This lack of production and inability to get over injuries has been the fuel that has driven Edmonton Oilers fans to madness over Hemsky.

Based on the statements above, I don’t blame any hockey fan for not paying much attention to Ales Hemsky‚Äôs progress during the NHL lockout, he was trending downwards. Ales Hemsky has never played a full NHL season; on top of that he has never had that many skilled players around him in Edmonton, for years Hemsky was forced to do more than his capabilities.

At the present moment, Ales Hemsky is someone fantasy hockey owners should keep an eye on; this is a player that could develop into the ultimate sleeper pick. Overseas Ales Hemsky worked hard on getting healthy and play hockey at his highest level possible, the result, 32 points in 27 games.

Ales Hemsky has always shown the ability to be a point per-game producer, this season I think he will be much more. A healthy, confident Hemsky could be the key to your fantasy hockey dominance this season.

Ales Hemsky no longer has to be the go-to guy for the Edmonton Oilers his job now is just to play his game. When on his game Ales Hemsky is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NHL, and with some of the best young talent to pass the puck to Ales Hemsky will no doubt be one of the biggest fantasy hockey assets this NHL season.

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