Roberts 2013 NHL Predictions

NHL trade rumors

There are many reasons I have picked who I have to win, all of this of course is based off of each team staying healthy through a large portion of the season.


Atlantic Division

  1. New York Rangers
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins
  3. Philadelphia Flyers
  4. New Jersey Devils
  5. New York Islanders*

Northeast Division

  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Buffalo Sabres
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs
  4. Ottawa Senators
  5. Montreal Canadiens

 Southeast Division

  1. Carolina Hurricanes
  2. Washington Capitals
  3. Florida Panthers
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning
  5. Winnipeg Jets


Pacific Division

  1. Los Angeles Kings
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Phoenix Coyotes
  4. Dallas Stars*
  5. Anaheim Ducks

Northwest Division

  1. Vancouver Canucks
  2. Minnesota Wild
  3. Edmonton Oilers
  4. Colorado Avalanche
  5. Calgary Flames

Central Division

  1. Detroit Red Wings
  2. Chicago Blackhawks
  3. St. Louis Blues
  4. Nashville Predators
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets

Winner of the Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins 

Winner of the Western Conference

St. Louis Blues

Stanley Cup Champions

Pittsburgh Penguins in 6 games

Though they have a defense that must prove itself, I can see them adjusting throughout the season and doing what they have to to support Fleury and Vokoun in net.  The Offense is one of the strongest in the League, having the reigning scoring champion (Evgeni Malkin), the leading Power Play Goal scorer (James Neal) and the best player in the world (Sidney Crosby) it will be tough to outscore them on a nightly basis. I did not pick the Penguins just because I am a fan of them, I picked them because I believe with the team they have, and how they are built, they have the BEST chance of making it to the Finals and taking it all.

Dark Horse Teams

In each conference I have picked a “Dark Horse” that could potentially do better than what I have them placed at.

In the East I picked the New York Islanders, The Islanders have a young core much like the Pittsburgh Penguins had in their back to back Finals appearances, with Nabokov solidifying the goaltending position, the sky is the limit for this team. I just hope management does not continue to hold them back in bad decision making.

In the West I have picked the Dallas Stars. The Stars are coming off of a season where they JUST missed the Play Offs, they also are coming into the season unsure if they will be able to hold onto their biggest rising star Jamie Benn. During the off season they brought in two time Cup Champion Jaromir Jagr and Cup Champion Ray Whitney to bring in a strong veteran and leadership presence.  If all works out and Kari Lehtonen can perform as he did last season they can easily upset some teams and push their way into the Play Offs.

There you have it, in just a few short hours all will be right in the world as the first Face Off of the 2013 season takes place, are my predictions right? Unfortunately we will not know until June, but until then keep checking back for more on The Pittsburgh Penguins and other NHL teams.

“It’s a Great Day for Hockey!”

- Robert






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