Fantasy Hockey: Time to sell Thomas Vanek?

buffalo sabres trade rumors

Today might be the perfect time to sell Buffalo Sabres sniper Thomas Vanek in fantasy hockey. Vanek exploded for his second five-point game of the early season Thursday night in a 7-4 victory over the Boston Bruins, (3 goals, 2 assists). Vanek also recorded five-points in Buffalo’s home – opener. That is 10 of Thomas Vanek’s league-leading 15 points in two games.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold Vanek on my main fantasy roster. After all, he is a proven 40 goal scorer and would be very easy to hold onto under regular circumstances. Clearly these are not regular circumstances, Thomas Vanek is on pace to put up 118 points in 47 contests. It is highly unlikely that anyone outside of Crosby and a select few others who would be able to keep up this pace.

So again, I will say this is the perfect time to convince someone to trade you a package of players to fix your teams needs. Buy low, sell high! In the long run, it will serve you better to get players that score points on a game to game basis rather than in bunches.

Another thing to consider, the Buffalo Sabres are currently outside of the playoffs despite this outstanding play by Thomas Vanek. So, over time if the team remains out of the playoff picture, Vanek may become discouraged and this production could potentially fall off.

If you really want to hold Thomas Vanek, please be willing to trade at the first sign he is slowing down. But will you get what you want his value is at the highest point it will be all season. Would somebody in your league give up on a slow-starter for the league’s current leading scorer? Sell time!


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