Goalie Controversy in Pittsburgh?


As the time clock hit zero last night against the Rangers, many Penguins fans ran to their computers to begin the debate. “Should Vokoun be the Pens #1 Goalie?”. It seems year after year people start a controversy on whether or not Fleury should be traded, and its usually because the backup has a couple good games.

One thing I have always noticed about Fleury is, he starts off slow almost every season and just because the season is shortened doesn’t change that fact. Now I don’t want to take anything away from Vokoun, but the game against the Rangers was not won just because of him, the Rangers played very poor and the Pens defense was very solid in their own end.

Here’s a quote from Vokoun: “It was a great game by my teammates. I obviously benefitted from that.” -Triblive.com

Times have been tough for the Penguins so far this season, they have been unable to succeed with any consistency, and haven’t answered some of the problems at hand. So it’s easy to see why the fan base would be quick to jump on the “Trade Fleury” bandwagon. But that doesn’t mean its right. People need to realize that Fleury has been a huge reason why this team has succeeded in the past, he brought this city Two Conference Championships and One Stanley Cup, and even after everything he has done, he keeps on smiling when the fans are ungrateful.

I understand Pittsburgh fans are passionate about their sports and their sports stars, but its time they realize that some things just need to let go, Fleury isn’t going any where, he will be the #1 goalie now and for years to come, so relax, sit back and enjoy the show.

Season stats on Both Goalies

Each have faced 100 shots

Vokoun: 2-1-0 GAA 1.81, SV% .940

Fleury: 2-2-0 GAA 2.95, SV% .890

- Robert

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