Penguins Notes 2/6/2013

  • Tuesdays game against the Islanders may not have been the prettiest, but the Penguins got  the two points. Strong Penalty Killing and solid goal tending help lead the Penguins to their seventh victory of the season and their fourth straight. This puts them atop the Eastern Conference with 14 points.
  • The Penguins Special Teams has been hit or miss throughout the season, especially the Power play. But last night the Penguins showed some amazing Penalty killing by killing off 7 out of 7. The pairing of Orpik and Martin is truly paying off for this team and it is very noticeable when the Pens are a man down.
  • Crosby appears to have found his legs and has been playing very well the last four games, its no coincidence that the team has won four straight since then. He currently has 4 goals and 14 points.
  • Despite having 12 points, Evgeni Malkin has yet to find his groove, he was pretty invisible last night against the Islanders and has only 2 goals so far this season. This could be due to the fact his line was shuffled more times than a deck of cards at a poker table, but Great players need to adjust. In no means does this insinuate he hasn’t played well, it just hasn’t been the high level of play we have come accustomed to.
  •  After two weeks into the NHL season, it is abundantly clear that the Penguins have one of, if not the best Goalie tandem in the league. Vokoun has been Mr. Consistent in the net, and Fleury despite having an off game a week ago has bounced back and proven he is still a Stanley Cup caliber goalie.
  •  Over the weekend news came out that a couple of Scouts from the Penguins organization made their way to a game in Toronto, many people thought a trade was on the horizon. It is possible one may be in the future, but scouts travel from game to game on a regular basis. Don’t be surprised if you hear more about scouts from the organization at other games.

Around the League

It is believed that the Capitals and Flyers are working the phones attempting to improve their clubs. If this is true look for moves to start happening within the next few days.

Flyers, Capitals, Leafs, Panthers are rumored to be the possible destinations for Roberto Luongo.

Schneider’s agent is worried about Cory’s playing time since Luongo has yet to be traded.

Toronto’s Nikolai Kulimen may have been in the Penguins sights last season but,  Brian Burke turned down a First round pick for him.

Check out Egeni Malkins official website at

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