Who would you want to see in a Penguins Jersey?


It seems like everyday we hear about another player that the Pens are looking to acquire, and with it everyone talks about how great that player would be on the team. So with the rumor mill buzzing, many names have been mentioned that “could” be available now or later in the season. I decided to take a look at three of these players and explain why each would and would not be a good fit in Pittsburgh.


Jarome Iginla($7,000,000)

Why it could work: Iggy would fit with the Pens like a glove, he has decent size, is strong on the boards, and showed some chemistry with Crosby a couple years ago in the Olympics. He is set to be a UFA next season and could be looking to make a move to a contender, being that he is 35 years old. Rumor is he expressed interest in playing with Crosby if the right opportunity arose.

Why it wouldn’t work: $7 million is A LOT of money. The Penguins have roughly $9 million available this season, and that’s if management has given the “OKAY” to spend to the cap. The biggest concern on the Penguins is Defense, despite how well they have been playing lately. So why spend that kind of money on someone when your Top six has been playing pretty good so far?

Prediction: Don’t count on him being a Guin this season, Calgary will be looking for a good bit in return, Kunitz + picks and prospects type of stuff. It would not be worth it. However you can hold out hope that he may be willing to take a pay cut and sign with the team come Free Agency.

Bobby Ryan($5,100,000)

Why it could work: Ryan is one of those players every team wants to have, but cant always afford it. His play is similar to Crosby’s, strong on the boards and has very good vision. What could make this great is if he could click with Malkin and Neal. Amazing just thinking about that. At the age of 25 he has barely entered his prime and his $5.1 million cap hit isn’t too steep either.

Why it wouldn’t work: He is still under contract for 2 more seasons after this, With re-signing Crosby this past summer and the plans of re-signing Malkin, Letang, and Fleury over the next couple seasons, Ryan may not fit in the future plans of the team. He has shown to be a distraction at times in the locker room, especially when he isn’t playing as well as he would like.

Prediction: He will be a Flyer sooner rather than later. The Ducks are looking to drop one of their top 3 stars Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan. It seems Ryan will be the odd man out, and Phily may be the only team crazy enough to fork over the insane amount of return the Ducks will want.

 Sergei Gonchar($5,500,000)

Why it could work: Sarge has been a solid defender his entire career, and while playing on the Penguins prior he helped lead a team to the Stanley Cup finals twice, winning it once. If he were to come back to the Burgh it would be for a couple reasons, #1 being to help the Power Play, his knack for carrying the puck up the ice and setting up at the blue line is a rare talent in the NHL, and a talent the Penguins would love to have. #2 would be to help Malkin’s decision on re-signing here a bit easier. Both Segei and Evgeni formed a very strong bond during their time as teammates, it could help in Geno’s decision on how long he wants his contract to be.

Why it wouldn’t work: The Penguins Defensive depth is just unbelievable. It is just about time for some of them to make the jump to the big leagues and prove their worth. Bringing Gonchar back may help mentor these players, but would ultimately delay their progress due to limiting their ice time.

Prediction: Get ready for #55 to make his re-debut as a Penguin. He enjoyed his time here, and may decide to finish off his career with this team. He has only a few seasons left and he will want to go out with at least one more Ring. Also don’t worry, he will take the pay cut just to win, he’s that kind of guy.


So out of these three, who would you like to see in a Penguins Sweater this season, or who do you think would fit best? Keep in mind, this article does not insinuate that any of these players have a chance of coming to Pittsburgh, nor does that mean they wont. This article was more about seeing where you, the fans feel about all the buzz.

- Robert

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