Who is the top tough-guy for the Canucks?

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Over the last decade the Canucks have been plagued with players who don’t know, or cannot, properly fulfill their roles on the team. But, as they build their team and make a push for grit to maintain their position as a Cup Contender, one question must be asked: Who is the Canucks top tough-guy?

It’s extremely hard to pick one particular player to hold this title, so I’ll choose 3 and go through the pros and cons of each player, rating them based on aggressiveness and skill.

3. Tom Sestito

Tom Sestito’s potential to become a big-time grinder for the Canucks is great, but very uncertain. The 6’5″/228 lb left-winger has played a grand total of 34 NHL games for Columbus and Philadelphia, adding 3 goals and 4 assists in the process, but the real surprise is his numbers in the sin-bin. With 149 PIM, we can hope for Sestito to become the true 4th-line enforcer that we haven’t had in years.

2. Kevin Bieksa

Being a top-2 defenceman nobody truly looked upon Bieksa to be the aggressive presence he’s become since being drafted by the Canucks 151st overall in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft. But aggressive is exactly what he’s become. He’s definitely not an enforcer type player, but is certainly a skilled grinder who is willing to drop the mits if the time is right. The Canucks best defenceman has also made a name for himself as a clutch player over the last few years, making him a good fit for the #2 spot on this countdown.

1. Dale Weise

Dale Weise is a player who truly understands and follows through with his given role on the Canucks. Scoring only 5 goals in 93 games, he’s never been relied on as a goal-scorer, nor has he been a set-up man with only 5 assists in the same number of games. Where the 6’2″/210 lb speedy winger excels is in big hits and fights. Never afraid to get into a full tilt with the games best, he’s made a name for himself in the Canucks organization by stepping in and boosting the teams’ energy in big moments during games. For his constant effort and grit, Dale Weise takes the title of #1 tough-guy for the Vancouver Canucks.

Honorable Mention: Zack Kassian

You may be surprised that Zack Kassian wasn’t fitted into the top-3, but his lack of consistency has been a huge problem for the Canucks since he was traded from Buffalo last season. Starting off the season hot and aggressive, he has since lost his edge after about 7 games and has been idling through the lineup for the last few weeks. The positive about the whole situation however is his age. Kassian is still a very young player in the league and has lots of opportunity to develop with a Canucks organization that will slowly begin the rebuilding process over the next few years, so still, the future potential is high for him to be a consistent contributor in the Canucks lineup.




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