Could Briere be an option for the Pens?


With the Flyers announcing the buy out of Daniel Briere, he has easily become one of the top Free Agents this summer. Could the Penguins be interested?

While I see it highly unlikely, it’s a rumor that seems to be building a bit of steam. If talks fall through with Pascal Dupuis and if Jarome Iginla decides to take his services else where, an option could be Briere. He is still a very capable winger and a proven Playoff performer, but what would it take to garner his services?

It’s believed that he will be looking for a 1-2 year deal, possibly around $2-$3 million a year. That would be a great deal for Shero if he could pull it off, especially because Ray is not one to hand out contracts that are more than 3 years to players in their mid 30′s.

Last Year in 36 games Briere scored 6 goals and 10 assists. Now that seems like a very low total but keep in mind that he had an additional 34 points playing over seas during the lockout. Those are pretty good numbers overall.

Briere could still be a target even if the Penguins re-sign Dupuis, but where would he fit? Shero already stated he expects to use Bennett as a Top Six forward next season, so either Bennett gets held back for another year, or Dupuis will need to take a demotion on the Roster and play on the 3rd line, something I see not happening.

So what do you think, should the Penguins pursue Briere, or is he not worth the effort?

Robert Slavinsky

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