Rumors and Realities for the Flyers: Offseason Update 1

ilya bryzgalov nhl trade rumors

There are lots of rumors about what the Flyers are planning to do in this offseason. Some of them huge, like buying out Ilya Bryzgalov and Danny Brière, while some aren’t as big. The only confirmed transaction, so far this offseason, is the trade for Mark Streit (D).

Rumors came out on June 17th that the Flyers signed Streit to a $22 Mil. contract for 4 years. However, the Flyers have not confirmed this. The Philadelphia Sports Media is thinking that they first have to buy out Brière to get cap space. As of now, this is the only rumor with enough evidence to be substantiated. More coming soon.

Update 1: There are rumors of trade talk between the Flyers and Ducks. The rumor right now is that Coburn and the 11th overall pick will go to the Ducks for Ryan. Bryzgalov’s agent was told by Holmgren that he will not be bought out. Brière is almost definitely getting bought out reports from Philly seem to indicate.