Streit from the Island: Is it the right move?

mark streit trade

Yesterday the Philadelphia Flyers acquired the rights to negotiate with New York Islanders defenseman, and Captain Mark Streit. Streit who had 6 goals, 27 points, and a -14 with 22 PIM this year, could be a big factor for the Flyers next year assuming he is signed. The Flyers traded away Shane Harper, an Adirondack Phantom (Flyers AHL Affiliate), and a fourth round draft pick for 2014. The Flyers have until July 5th to sign Streit. On July 5th, Streit will become a UFA. Rumors say that Streit is looking for a multiyear deal above $5 million.

This isn’t a huge amount of money to ask except that Streit is 35 years old and that the Flyers are currently, albeit without buying out Brière, over the salary cap for next year. Mark Streit could be good for next year, and maybe even for 2014-15, but I think after that it’s not worthwhile having him. I’d personally rather sign him to a 1 yr/$2 mil. contract with a 2 yr/$3.5 mil. club option and see if he plays well, and fits in with the system. If so then you exercise the club option and keep him.

From a personal standpoint, I don’t like this move. I think that Mark Streit is not the veteran defenseman we need. I’d rather pursue Filppula. While Filppula is asking for $5 million a year, he is worth that. Having said that, the Flyers will still only have $3,947,738 after doing an amnesty buyout for Brière leaving the Flyers $1,052,262 short for Filppula’s $5 million a year request. However, that is assuming Pronger is not on the LTIR. The Flyers also still have some players left to re-sign meaning that the cap issue is not really easy to figure out before July 1st.

Bottom line: I like Holmgren for being a go-getter, but not for Streit. Filppula or bust.