21 NHL Players File For Arbitration, Three Kings Remain


Members of the Los Angeles Kings hockey club filed for arbitration with the league on July 10. Trevor Lewis, Alec Martinez and Jordan Nolan (along with Jake Muzzin, but he just got a two-year deal) are the three remaining Kings trying to get a some ink to paper. Can General Manager,Dean Lombardi, get it all worked out?

Now the degrees of the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulate that…

I’m just kidding, I only half understand the CBA myself. If you check out LAKingsInsider.com, they break it down for the Kings pretty well. What I do, is break down the break down.

So the player wants $X. The team does not want to give him $X. An arbitrator comes in and decides what X is. Everyone hugs. There are other specifics involved, but that is what an arbitrator is for. Seriously though, if the team and the player do not reach an agreement by August 6, some independent entity decides the terms of the contract. Now they hug.

Los Angeles now has $4,203,106 of cap space available. Along with the aforementioned Kings, Kyle Clifford and Dustin Penner both have not inked anything with the team. Clifford is still restricted but Penner is unrestricted. If I was reading CapGeek.com correctly, and I pretty sure I was, Penner earned $3.25 million last year. That is wee bit above what Dean Lombardi has available. That is not a lot of wiggle room for a raise, let alone signing four other players. Son, somebody is going get cut. By the way, if you have not gone to CapGeek.com by now, well, you are truly not that into the business side of the game. For us stat nerds, it’s a goldmine.


Writer’s Note: All the above information is what I think is happening. I am trying to understand this too, you know. If I am wrong, I am sorry. I am not a lawyer.