Kings Transaction Update: Penner Out, Carcillo In

daniel carcillo trade rumors

The Los Angeles Kings put to rest the subject of unrestricted free agent, Dustin Penner, resigning with the team. He did not. Penner has chosen to sign with a team that he had previously won a Stanley Cup with, the Anaheim Ducks, arch nemesis and division rivals of the Kings. With that, exits a solid left winger L.A. desperately needs.

This situation is a bit precarious as the contract is $2 million for 1 year. Why one year? Is this contract conditional for next year? Does Penner want to return to L.A. after a year? Is this a buffer for Anaheim to offer a large extension after next season? Seeing as he was an unrestricted free agent, he was able to start fresh with a new contract. The Kings could not have picked that up as they are somewhere around $2.2 million in free cap space, so unless a trade happened, there would not be a lot of space left for the Kings. Oh wait a trade did happen. Do you think it helped? Let us dive into that transaction, shall we?

In a switch up with recent Conference Final foes, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Kings received forward Dan Carcillo in exchange for conditional draft pick in 2015. I have two things to say about this: 1) They did what? and 2) sweet!

Carcillo is a left winger, which helps that role for the Kings, but was only good for 3 points (2,1:3) in 23 games with the B’Hawks last season. Sure he played on the recent Stanley Cup winning team, but who hasn’t. At this point it does not matter, especially when you are only good for 3 points in the season. THREE POINTS. The Kings have to fill a need for more offense and this does not speak to the volume of the production of what that need is. But do not cast doubt yet, there may be an underlying positive current with this acquisition. Carcillo use to be homies with Jeff Carter and Mike Richards in their days at Philly, you know, the whole “Dry Island” thing. Nobody cares any more anyway, which is why this is good for the unity of the Kings.

This is what General Manager Dean Lombardi has been talking about in regards to keeping a team together. Teammates needs to know how each other work and they try to match styles. You keep a team together and they build chemistry and with Carcillo-Carter-Richards, you are quickly injecting chemistry into the team.  Carter and Richards are already in deep in Los Angeles, so Carcillo moving to the west coast should good. Let us just hope that it translates to more than 3 points next season.