Crosby vs Ovechkin: What the Statistics Say

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Though it is not what all of the buzz has been about recently, the Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby rivalry as best player in the world is always talked about. Some say Crosby is obviously the best (such as myself) but others say he is too fragile (which I somewhat agree with also). Now we take a look at the stats, who do you think is #1 in the world?

GP: Sid: 470, Ovi: 601

Goals: Sid: 238, Ovi: 391

Assists: Sid: 427 Ovi: 364

Points: Sid: 665 Ovi: 735

+/-: Sid: 106 Ovi: 82

PIM: Sid: 417 Ovi: 408

PP Goals: Sid: 70 Ovi: 127

SHG: Sid: 3 Ovi: 4

GWG: Sid: 29 Ovi: 59

Shots: Sid: 1,597 Ovi: 3,049

Shot %: Sid: 14.9 Ovi: 12.2

Point Per Game avg.: Sid: 1.41 Ovi: 1.22

As you can see, Ovi wins out on most of these categories. In goals, points, PP Goals, GWG, and shots Ovechkin is the obvious winner, while on assists, +/-, Shot %, and Point per game Crosby wins by a long shot. They are close on PIM and SHG though.

The most important categories, +/-, goals, points, and Point per game avg. are split between the two, so you decide who is the best in the world.