Pacific Division 7 in 7: Calgary Flames

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Today we will be talking about the rebuilding Calgary Flames. The present seems like a wasteland for them, but the future is bright. Read on, and learn things about the Flames you never knew before.

Should be Lines

Cammalleri – Stajan – Stempniak

Glencross – Monahan – Hudler

Baertschi – Backlund – Jones

Galiardi – Horak – McGratten

Wideman – Giordano

Brodie – O’ Brian

Butler – Russell




Cammalleri is an obvious first liner, while Stajan is who I believe to be the best Calgary Flames centreman, and Stempniak played amazing last year (compared to his teammates), so I didn’t see a reason not to put him on the first line.

Glencross and Hudler are a great team, and the second best in their position on the team, so deciding to put them on the second line was easy. Monahan needed to start out big so I put him on the

second line, there he will get lots of passes from Glencross and Hudler, and has talent on the wings beside him.

I decided to put Beartschi on the third line because there he will be able to develop, without getting too much playing time. Backlund was the best centre available so I put him on the third line, and the newly acquired David Jones could help the younger guys improve with his scoring and playmaking abilities.

Putting Galiardi and Horak on the fourth line wasn’t a hard decision, but I decided to put McGratten on the right wing instead of Tim Jackman because he is a bigger and rougher than Jackman. It would be nice to have both tough guys playing, but unfortunately, that won’t happen much this season.

Giordano and Wideman are both excellent D-men, so why not put both on the 1st defensive line?

If T.

J. Brodie still counted as a prospect, he would be #3 on the list (just after Monahan and Baertschi). Brodie has incredible skill for his age, but needs to work on point production. It would be good to put the newly acquired O’ Brien with him because he would add experience and could help Brodie out.

I have nothing really to say about the third line, it is what it is.

Karri Ramo was one of the best goalies in the KHL, so why wouldn’t he be a sensation in the NHL? He didn’t have a great time in Tampa Bay a few years back, but I believe he can bounce back, and many others think the same.

Reto Berra led the underdog Swiss National team to Silver at the internationals, he is nothing but ready to play in the NHL. He would be starting if it weren’t for Karri Ramo up top.


Overall: D-

F: D+

C: F

RW: C-

LW: C+

D: C-

G: B-

Top Players

1. LW Michael Cammaleri

2. D Dennis Wideman

3. D Mark Giordano

4. RW Lee Stempniak

5. D T.J. Brodie

Top Prospects

1. C Sean Monahan

2. LW John Gaudreau

3. RW Emile Porier

4. LW Morgan Klimchuk

5. C Mark Janowski

Top Fantasy Players

1. D Dennis Wideman

2. D Mark Giordano

3. G Karri Ramo

4. D T.J. Brodie

5. LW Mike Cammaleri

2013 Draft Picks

1st round 6st overall – Sean Monahan (C)

1st round 22nd overall – Emile Porier (RW)

1st round 28th overall – Morgan Klimchuk (LW)

3rd round 67th overall – Keegan Kanzig (D)

5th round 135th overall – Eric Roy (D)

6st round 157th overall – Tim Harrison (RW)

7th round 187th overall – Rushan Rafikov (D)

7th round 198th overall -John Gilmour (D)

Expected Finish

Misses the playoffs 7th in the Pacific Division, 14th in the West conference, and 30th in the league

Who They Should Target in the 2014 Draft

Aaron Ekblad (D) – Though it will be hard to pass on the powerhouse Sam Reinhart, Calgary needs defence and Ekblad is the best of the 2014 draft class. Not only that, but he is offensive too and can get lots of assists and even a decent amount of goals too.

Goaltending Situation

See; “Goaltending Situations (Pacific Division)”


Karri Ramo

Ramo did not do well in his three years in Tampa when he got a .895 Sv% (best year: .899) and a 3.35 GAA (best year: 3.03) in 48 games. He didn’t even do well in the AHL. He has to bounce back, and if he does, than blue skys are ahead for Calgary.


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Jordan Lowther