Congrats, Marty, on the Gold, do you like New York?


If you haven’t heard, Canada won the Gold Medal at the Olympics. So, Marty St. Louis has added another illustrious title to his collection. Oh, and if you haven’t heard he might be traded to the New York Rangers… Soon!

Apparently, Saturday, Boomer Esiason set twitter on fire with a New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning rumor. Esiason hinted that the Rangers are likely to trade Ryan Callahan (and a conditional pick) for Marty St. Louis.  Esiason released a series of tweets, with people speculating as to whom the Rangers are seeking.

On Friday, 2/21/14 around 4:15 pm Esiason tweeted: “Marty, Marty, Marty in a good way? Hard to believe.” This tweet leads speculation to Marty St. Louis.

It was reported in the Tampa Bay Times a few days ago that Lightning owner Jeff Vinik met with St. Louis shortly after being, initially, left off the Canadian Olympic squad. Vinik stated:

“”I just reminded him how pleased I am to have him as part of the Lightning, that he’s been a great player for us, a great leader. I told him how important he was to the franchise.”

Before I address why it doesn’t seem likely that said rumor will happen, keep in mind these facts:

  • ·         February 2010 – St. Louis left off Team Canada by Yzerman
  • ·         May 2010 – Lightning name Yzerman GM. Yzerman meets with St. Louis regarding the snub.
  • ·         July 2010 – St. Louis re-signs with Tampa Bay on a 4 year contract extension.
  • ·         April/ May 2011 – Lightning finish with 103 points in the standings and get to game 7 of Eastern conference finals.
  • ·         April 2012 – Lightning finish with 84 points and miss the playoffs.
  • ·         March 2013 – Lightning get beat by Toronto prompting this tweet from Ray Ferraro “dead Tbay bench Thursday in Toronto , no fight noticeable except for St Louis – and he wore frustrations pretty clearly” A few days later, Lightning fire, then head coach, Guy Boucher. Reports indicate veterans on the team were not responding to Boucher.
  • ·         January 2014 – St. Louis snubbed a second time by Yzerman concerning the Canadian Olympic team. St. Louis reportedly asks for a trade. Vinik meets with St. Louis. Stamkos drops out of the Olympics due to injury. St. Louis named as Stamkos’ replacement.
  • ·         February 2014 – St. Louis wins Gold Medal with the Canadian Olympic team. Yzerman quits as GM of the Canadian Olympic team. Rumors still persist with St. Louis.

For quite some time, there appears to have been some friction between St. Louis and Yzerman. After Canada won the gold on Sunday, Yzerman abruptly resigned as Canadian GM. It is my own speculation that the reason for that, is due to the friction the Olympic snubs have caused between St. Louis and Yzerman. Maybe, I’m wrong, but I’ll always believe that it had something to do with it.

So, here we are, St. Louis wins gold, all is good in Tampa! Then Boomer hits us with this tweet:

“Its coming and it will be huge. Surprising, shocking, inevitable, and all about business. $$$ #NHL #tradedeadline”

Speculation over twitter begins, and it becomes clear that he is referring to a potential trade by the Rangers, but doesn’t flat out name for whom, but hints at St. Louis (don’t forget the Marty, Marty tweet.) Esiason then fields questions through twitter saying it’s not Daniel Alfredsson, or Jagr, or Iginla. It is a team in the East, and it’s not Ottawa, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, or Washington. To see a larger scale of Esiason’s hint dropping, has an excellent review of Boomer’s tweets.

Since then, other hockey reporters have done some digging including New York Journalist Larry Brooks (Tortorella’s arch-enemy) and our own Tampa Journalist, Erik Erlendsson. Both have reported that there is no pending Callahan for St. Louis trade. Callahan is also a free-agent at the end of the year, while St. Louis has a whole year left. Callahan is seeking a heck of a payday, so why would the Lightning make that deal? It makes no sense, to trade your leading scorer, as well as the heart of your team, for a player who may or may not be willing to sign with your club.

 As of midnight, the trade freeze has ended. As of this writing, the fumes of this trade rumor are dwindling and St. Louis is still a Bolt. Let’s hope it stays that way. Trade Deadline is March 5th. It’s going to be an interesting week.

Daniel Ferguson

I was born in Tampa, Florida and have been here my whole life. I have loved every minute (through thick and thin) that I have been able to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning play. I got hooked in 1992 at my first game (when I was just a young lad) and have followed the Bolts 24/7 ever since.

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