One Controversial Player the Penguins Should Pursue

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With the trade deadline now roughly 48 hours away I still believe the Penguins need to acquire a productive forward for the playoffs that would add depth and scoring in a long post season run. With that said I am going to propose a name that many will see controversial, but when you really look at it he may the guy the Penguins need to take them to the next level.

Over the course of this players career he has had many ups and downs. Playing on teams such as Buffalo, Philadelphia, Montreal and Colorado he has been brought in for one special talent. His oddly, inhuman like, ability to out perform many players in the post season. The man I am talking about is Daniel Briere.

Before you exit out of this page take a look at his advance stats. While he isn’t the most conventional forward for the Penguins to go after, he may be the one that gets passed over by many other teams.

Daniel Briere

Currently Briere makes $4 million for this season, he then becomes a UFA in the summer. The stats above show he is an above average 3rd liner. If Rutherford would even consider this move Colorado would need to retain a good portion of his salary for the rest of the season.

But why am I even considering this option?

Well look below at Brandon Sutters statistcs and compare the two of them. It’s kinda shocking how much better Briers numbers are compared to Sutters.

The great idea behind this is Briere can play both Center and Wing, something this regime really likes in players. He could slide in as the third line Center and Sutter could move to the fourth line while Lapierre moves to the wing. Or you could see what Briere could do along side Malkin as Briere has a knack for putting the puck in the net. The first option being the more ideal.

Below you can look at Lapierre’s numbers and see that the Pens two best bottom six forwards are worse than Briere’s

Again this is a scenary that would need a lot of moving parts. Pens would most likely need to move someone who has about $1-$1.5 million on their contract left to make room for Briere. But can you actually argue that he would not be a better option than what we currently have?

Names like Vermette, Stewart and Glencross are all good ideas in some way, but are near impossible for the Pens to acquire. Someone like Briere could be a good fit on the bottom six, could add that scoring depth they need and improve their possession game, even if it is slightly.

Those are my quick thoughts, what do you think?

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