The Uninspired Penguins Lose Again: What Should be Done?

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After another uninspired game by the Penguins where they lost, once again, to a Metro division opponent the Columbus Blue Jackets, something needs to be done.

In all my years of watching the Pittsburgh Penguins, this season by far has been the most irritating. I think what is the most maddening part about this year is we saw how good they could be just four months ago. So what happened?

Injuries and illness cannot be to blame for what we are witnessing any longer. Crosby and Malkin, while they show flashes of brilliance and life, have been a disappointment this season. The rest of the team just seems to be following in their foot steps, save a few like Perron, Hornqvist, Fleury and Letang.

We heard leading into this season how many of the players last year were just uninspired and burnt out due to the pressure put on them not just by fans and the media, but the organization as well. Could that be the issue right now?

I wish I had the answer, I wish I could help everyone understand. Unfortunately I just don’t see how this team, as it looks now, can effectively make a strong post season run.

Maybe a shake up is what this team needs. Maybe finding a way to move players like Kunitz, Martin and Sutter would do more good in the long run than damage. Of course, maybe it wont.

The NHL trade deadline is roughly two weeks away and all eyes will be on Jim Rutherford and the Penguins. Is it possible to fix the issues this team has through trade?

While GMJR states he wants to add depth to the roster, the most important aspect he needs to find is Leadership. A Winnik, Bergenheim and Glencross would be nice to add to the team, but don’t think for a minute any of them would¬†be the “missing piece” the team needs to get back on track.

It’s not all doom and gloom yet, but if this team doesn’t find a way to start playing inspired hockey and win some games by putting the puck in the net more than once a game, then maybe it’s time for something unexpected by Jim Rutherford.

What is your take on this whole debacle, what do you think needs to happen?

Robert Slavinsky

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