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Leafs Report: Early Off-Season Predictions


Sorry for the interruption, we will resume the regularly scheduled playoff talk momentarily: (more…)

Leafs Report: The Slide and What it Means for the Maple Leafs


As I wrote just one short week ago, the Leafs have dropped from the strong position of second in the Atlantic division to now 10th in the Eastern conference. However, even after losing 8 games in a row, this team is still mathematically in the playoff hunt. Given this teams inconsistency and streakiness throughout the year, they could very well run the table with the 6 remaining games and make the race that much more exciting.  (more…)

Leafs Report: Bolland, Standings, Reimer

james reimer trade rumors

Just when you think all is quiet with the Leafs, something decides to pop up to grab the media’s attention. Just about a week ago, this team was sitting pretty in second place. Now they are on the verge of dropping out of a playoff spot and are looking at a stretch of extremely crucial games to stay in the hunt, starting with probably the most important game of the year on Saturday against Montreal. (more…)

Leafs Report: Silent at the Trade Deadline and Why it’s Right


As predicted by myself, the Leafs were extremely quiet on Trade Deadline day. In typical Maple Leaf fashion, fans have reacted negatively to these actions, or lack thereof, but I believe at this point in time that this was absolutely the right thing to do.


Leafs Report: The Home Stretch

The Olympic break is over, and the home stretch is about to begin. Now is the time to put it all on the line in that last ditch effort to both make the playoffs, and make a deep playoff run as well.


NHL Trade Deadline: Who could be on the move?

Ryan Miller trade rumors


With the Olympics underway, and the NHL on a 17 day break or so, it is time to celebrate how great the game is as we watch the best players from around the world battle it out for the ultimate glory. However, in just a couple weeks we will be watching as our favourite teams decide whether to add depth, rebuild, move a goalie, or make a blockbuster move before the trade deadline strikes. So who are some names to really watch out for come March 5th or maybe even before? I have put together a list of guys who have a strong likelihood of switching teams and some to just keep an eye out for. (more…)

Leafs Report: Getting hot, but are changes on the way?



Talk about getting hot! Since January 12th, the first game after their 4 game losing streak, the Leafs are 9-1-1. But, with Dave Bolland on his way back from injury, will the Leafs continue to make deals? And if so, who is on their way to LeafLand?