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Toronto Maple Leafs: Next Steps

toronto maple leafs trade rumors

Hello Hockey Tracker readers and Leafs Fans alike. It has been a while since my last article, so let’s shake off the rust with a big topic on everyone’s mind right now. What are the Leafs going to do? Well, as I am not the GM of the team, I cannot tell you exactly what they will do, but I think the path they should take is one that could potentially turn this team around in the short term (2-3 years) and put this team where they should be: in playoff contention year after year. (more…)

Leafs Lose 3-0 to the St. Louis Blues

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The Toronto Maple Leafs seem to have the blues. They took their sixth loss in seven games played in January so far, to St. Louis last night. (more…)

Maple Leafs: Struggling to Find Their Identity

toronto maple leafs trade rumors

Identity: The fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Who are the Toronto Maple Leafs? (more…)

Leafs relieve Randy Carlyle of his Duties

toronto maple leafs trade rumors

It was something that had to be done, but wasn’t expected to be so soon. On the morning of Tuesday January 6th, 2015,  Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager  Dave Nonis announced that Head Coach, Randy Carlyle had been relieved of his duties with 42 games remaining in the regular season for the Buds. (more…)

James Reimer: Confidence is Key

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It does not seem like it was too long ago when Leaf fans were chanting “Reimer.. Reimer” with pride, at the top of their lungs in the Air Canada Centre. (more…)

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs the Real Deal?


The Toronto Maple Leafs were experiencing a season of equal parts success and equal parts failure before a November 18th game against the Nashville Predators at home. Nashville, one of the surprise teams of the season, embarrassed the Leafs 9-2 in front of the home crowd, and spurned many signs that the once prized and storied Leafs were headed for disaster. But that game seemed to be a wake up call, and Toronto has been one of the hottest teams since then. Why? Well, it is due to many things. (more…)

Canes edge Leafs

toronto maple leafs trade rumors

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs took on the Carolina Hurricanes looking for their seventh consecutive win. Early in the first Chris Terry beats Jonathan Bernier high blocker side. 1-0 Carolina. (more…)