For a website that focuses on NHL rumors, it appears odd that we would dedicate an entire page to something like “credibility”.

The reason for that is because Hockey Tracker is a different kind of rumor source. Rather than citing anonymous league sources, Hockey Tracker rumors are aggregated from particular outlets to ensure a higher level of credibility.

Rumors on Hockey Tracker only come from members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, NHL accredited writers and outlets, and national or daily newspapers. While some of these outlets may occasionally be wrong in their reports, limiting our rumors to more credible outlets preserves Hockey Tracker as an accurate source of underground hockey information. None of the rumors reported on this website are manufactured, created or sourced by league executives unless stated otherwise.

Also consider that when a rumor does not pan out as initially reported, that doesn’t necessarily mean the source of the information was wrong. The nature of NHL trades, signings and other transactions are that they can change on an instant (SEE: Dan Cleary’s offseason decision between Detroit and Philadelphia).